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I'm the first developer of SelfProgrammingWiki (although I started with a fully functional UseModWiki), and the wiki is currently running on my personal computer. I'm a student of cognitive science and mathematics, and next year will start a phD in computational neurobiology. I won't have much free time to devote to SPW next year because of the first year of my phD program.

My email address is


And my personal homepage is http://purl.net/net/bshanks .

Okay, I've added you as an admin for the oziac project on sourceforge, and changed the description to reflect the game plan to accomplish the task. You can upload this wiki code there, if you would like, as you have full powers there. I have made the assumption that the sourceforge user bshanks is yourself, even though your name is listed as Baylis Shanks over there.

Thanks! Yeah, that's me. As I noted on SourceForge, I think we may as well try to get this project its own site. But I'm interested in the Oziac project independently. I can't commit to spend any time there for quite awhile, but maybe in the distant future I'll get involved. -- BayleShanks