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Welcome to CommunityProgrammableWiki! A CommunityProgrammableWiki is a wiki in which the code of the wiki itself is collaboratively edited by its users, much like the text is in a conventional wiki. Because of the temporary unavailability of a server, the page you are viewing is not being served off of CommunityProgrammableWiki right now, but rather it is served by a normal UseMod script. You may be interested in the CurrentStatus of the project.

The wiki is written in the Perl programming language, and is derived from UseModWiki. The wiki is free software under the GPL. Please help to write it! CpwTutorial shows how you can submit a modification to the code of this wiki in only a few minutes.

You might wish to sign the RecentVisitors page or check RecentChanges? periodically to see what is new.

Please note that by contributing to the content of this wiki, you place your contribution in the public domain (unless you are contributing code, in which case you license it to the public under the GPL). Please note that PART OF THE CODE ON THIS SITE IS CONTRIBUTED BY RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET -- HENCE IT MAY CONTAIN TROJAN HORSES, ETC. BY USING THIS SITE, YOU AGREE THAT BAYLE SHANKS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MALICIOUS CODE THAT YOU MAY DOWNLOAD FROM THIS SITE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THIS, YOU MUST LEAVE THIS WEBSITE NOW.

We try to combat this security risk by voluntary PeerReview?. However, I do not have any control over whether or not a piece of code gets reviewed, or if the reviewers are qualified. Furthermore, I expect that eventually an exploit will slip through.


The most stable URL for this site is http://purl.net/net/cpw. Other pages can be referenced like http://purl.net/net/cpw/CommunityProgrammableWiki. Don't bookmark cpw.sourceforge.net, as the primary site may be moved later.

The "main page" of this wiki is: